Joymii: Anita B., Lucy H. – Locker Room Lust

Locker Room Lust

Anita and Lucy find themselves in the locker room after a great workout. They are both feeling good, but want to feel even better. They start by rubbing themselves, making themselves hotter than they already were. Steamy and sweaty, they get themselves ready for their next workout. Eventually, Lucy can’t take it any more and has to put her tongue on Anita’s sweet pussy – and Anita has no objections. :) Pretty soon, it’s her fingers that are doing the workout… and that’s when the juices really start flowing. Of course, Anita wants to return the favor, and does just that. But before too long, Lucy can’t control herself again and wants to revisit her earlier workout on Anita’s beautiful and even wetter pussy. These two really enjoy being healthy and working out – especially with each other. Come on in and see all the Locker Room Lust for yourself. Enjoy! :)

Babes: Alexis Brill

Alexis Brill
Babes: Alexis Brill
As much as he normally tries to suppress the pangs of lust he feels for his co-worker Alexis Brill, today Viktor couldn’t ignore the throbbing hard-on she was giving him. It didn’t help matters that Alexis was doing everything she could to seduce him, running a finger over her lips and giving him a good long look up her skirt as she sashayed around the office. When she finally grabbed him by the neck-tie and pulled him in for a long, deep kiss, it was the culmination of weeks of stifled erotic desire. Viktor’s passion swelled as he bent Alexis over the desk and buried his face between her legs from behind, licking hungrily at her pussy. Then Alexis lay back on the desk and hiked up her skirt to take his thick manhood, as they finally indulged in the hot sex they’d waited so long to enjoy.

Babes: Emily Grey

Emily Grey
Babes: Emily Grey
Two things transport Emily to another world of fantasy and pleasure: her favorite books and being in the arms of her lover Dylan Snow. When Dylan walked in the room, Emily imagined herself a part of an epic erotic fantasy in which she, the beautiful queen got to lay around all day as the most handsome knight of her household guard visited her in bed to act on his most private desires. Check out how this fantasy plays out, as Emily wraps her lips around Dylan’s manhood and kneels on all fours to take his fat cock to the hilt.



When it comes to sensuous girls, there are few more sensuous and sexy than Taylor… and when she is alone, she takes advantage of it. She takes her sweet time in the tub, making sure she washes every inch of her sexy body… especially her sweet pussy. She likes it to be clean and does not stop until she’s sure it is. Watching her rub her pussy is so sexy… thankfully she enjoys it very much… as do we. :) The only thing better than watching her rub her pussy is watching her cum. So come on in and watch this sensuous babe give herself a good, wet, solo treatment. Enjoy!