Nutabu: Sunny G., Suzie in “16:07 CHATEAU”

Birds in glass cages is how I chose to set the tempo for Suzie’s big moment with Sunshine and by putting these two hot gals in encased chambers, it created a hot moment before the smell of passion came upon us all. Once freed their passionate exchange was pure bliss as Suzie’s perfect ass kept Sunshine under her experienced lustful spell.

Remi Lacroix
Babes: Remi Lacroix
After an early morning playing by the pounding surf, Remy Lacroix rinsed her body clean of the sea salt and headed inside to find her man getting dressed. Chad dropped everything and stripped down to join her. He wrapped his arms around Remy, grabbing a meaty handful of her ass as he leaned in for a deep kiss. Reaching a hand down the front of her panties, Chad discovered how wet Remy was, her pussy swollen and ready to wrap around a thick cock. Watch this sexually charged glamcore scene, as dude licked Remy’s snatch from behind, spreading her cheeks wide open to get his tongue in there. Then she lay back on the sofa while Chad thrust into her until she just couldn’t handle it any longer.